About Me

Being a Psychotherapist has been a life-long dream of mine, and I am very passionate about my work.   Although being with people in difficult times can be challenging, it is a challenge that I welcome.  The rewards, bearing witness to people making sense of their stories and building more fulfilling lives, are tremendous.

I have also experienced the benefits of psychotherapy as a client.

I have trained at the Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy http://www.tirp.ca/.

In addition to my TIRP training, I have experience in trauma recovery, including healing from childhood sexual abuse (with most experience in male CSA survivors), as well as with secondary survivors of trauma (those people who have a close relationship with a survivor).  I also have a BSc. in Anthropology.

I have been seeing clients, under supervision, since October 2012.

I am LGBTQ friendly.

I am a student member of the Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy  http://psychodynamiccanada.org/therapists/359-zoe-ferguson and I abide by its code of ethics.
I am also committed to continually expanding my knowledge-base and furthering my understanding of psychotherapy in order to strive to be the best psychotherapist I can be.

Additional Courses and Workshops

  • Ethics and Jurisprudence Workshop, Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy, January, 2014, Toronto
  • Engaging Traumatized Clients, Hincks-Dellcrest Centre-Gail Appel Institute, December, 2013, Toronto.       
  • Research Methods Workshop, Toronto Institute of Relational Psychotherapy, November, 2013, Toronto.
  • Psychospiritual Workshop, Working with Spirituality in the Therapy Room, April, 2013, Toronto.
  • Mike Lew Professional Workshop for Facilitators of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (http://www.nextstepcounseling.org/services2.htm), April, 2011, Aurora.
  • Understanding and Responding to Male Sexual Victimization, Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (http://abusehurts.com/), March, 2011, Toronto.